**2018/2019 litter plans***


Fall/Winter – Vespa will be bred for a fall/winter litter on her next heat cycle.  Stay tuned for who the lucky man in her life will be.


If you are seeking a dog from me know that I have a firm contract and firm expectations for any potential home.  I take the rearing and care of these dogs very seriously.  The health and well being of each animal will always come first.  If that is something you cannot agree to, please look elsewhere.

*Aussies are amazing, bright, loving, fun and beautiful.  They are the cutest puppies in the world.  That DOES NOT mean they are the right dog for you.  Research is so important to finding the dog that properly fits your home.  Part of my job as a responsible breeder is to help you figure out if an Aussie is right for you.  As a guardian of my breed, it is my responsibility to decide what is best for the dogs I breed.  Any Aussie needs a home where they will be active and mentally stimulated.  All Aussies need a minimum of basic obedience, most need more than that. *